Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wok Wednesdays: Stir Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage and Shitaake Mushrooms

Rice is truly our comfort food!  It's been the main staple growing up in my family.  And it's one of the first foods that I made for the kids when they were little.  Rice with scrambled eggs.  My daughter craves for two foods: rice and pasta.  Rather than potato, she prefers jasmine rice with her grilled rib eye steak.  Needless to say, this recipe has been a favorite!  

Using a day old, cold rice is the trick to a delicious stir fried rice. Other ingredients include Chinese sausage, shitaake mushrooms, scallions, and soy sauce. The fact that it's chopped up in tiny pieces, my daughter gobbles up the mushrooms and scallions, whom I usually have to encourage to eat vegetables.  Shhh.

The Chinese sausage really makes the white rice taste savory. I've eaten the Filipino version of fried rice which is made with Chinese sausage and eggs.  The other day, I threw in a handful of bean sprouts which gave a nice flavor and crunch! 

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